Glamorous air travel is always a fantasy of mine- how to squeeze out the maximum from government, airport, Airline Company, and credit card organisation. Even what an individual lounge can offer is one of my top interests. These particular offers can make your journey not only more convenient but more comfortable, even posh! Let’s see what these offers are in question.

Posh Travel Guide- Hong Kong International Airport Frequent Visitors Card

Many Hong Kong visitors, like us, heard of a fast track card called HKIA Frequent Visitor Card. This card is not difficult to acquire at all. You don’t even need to pay a penny for this card. The only threshold is 3 entries per annum via air travel through HKIA.

This card was first introduced jointly by HKIA and Cathay Pacific – a British owned HK based airline in 2004, as a Marco Polo Club elite (Cathay’s Frequent Traveller Programme.) You will receive an E-mail invite you to apply as a trial. Hence the successful result, HKIA roll out this scheme to the general public.

Currently, as a Hong Kong permanent resident you can whiz through immigration without queuing by using biometrics automatic identification with your SMART ID. HKIA claim a non-permanent resident only needs to queue up to 15 minute for checking. Sadly none of my experiences were as nice as they claim. Arriving during daytime, often means I will have to queue for half an hour or even more!

HKIA does not provide the premium class fast track. Since more than half of my visits were transit and day visits, wasting more than an hour in total to clear both side’s immigration became a big pain. “Collecting” 3 sets of entry chops become a top priority.

Eight weeks after I submitted my application on-line, as promised, I receive my HKIA Frequent Visitors Card. From now on, I will whiz through immigration control along with foreign diplomats and business tycoon with this card.

* HKIA started to provide dedicate channel for departure immigration control from 2007

** There will be a security personnel guarding the entrance for diplomats and card holders.

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